Tuesday, September 14, 2010

three things i miss.

1. My husband. Where is he you ask? HUNTING. I have barely seen him for almost two weeks. By far the longest amount of time we have been apart. Last night he called me and I was ecstatic because there is usually NO service on the mountains in Beaver. 

2. Lake Powell. I was there 2 days ago and I am already having withdrawals.

3. Ms Luna. The main reason we decided to get a choco Lab was because they are the #1 duck hunting dog. We made the decision to send her away for two months to receive some professional training. Luckily she gets to come home on the 20th of SEPTEMBER. Yes! 6 days and counting. I am becoming one of those people who
thinks of her pet as her child. Is that bad?


Derek, Nikki, and Avrie said...

Hey syd! I was blog hopping and came across yours! I hope you don't mind me adding you to my blog list! I would love to hear what is going on in your life! and if you would like to be added to mine (its private) just send me your email and I will be sure to add you!

Rindi said...

I hate hunting season, I never get to see my husband either.

Kelly g. said...

Cute syd!!! Love you.


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