Sunday, October 3, 2010

shakespeare. i like you aaaaaand your festival.

I would have bought this shirt in a heartbeat but it was only available in XXXXXL. I was crushed. 

ZOMBIE with braces.

HELLOooooooo Mr. Darcy's side burns. This was a no photo zone but I could NOT help it. I sneakily took a pic with my beloved Iphone. 

Shakespeare (my hero) and I.

New shoes. Love Love Love Love. LOVE.

I am definitely looking forward to next years festivities!!!

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The Felds said...

Hey girlie girl, I stumbled upon your blog little miss and I'm SO excited friend!!! I LOVE blogs, and I love friends who blog and I love... well you :) I will add you to my blogroll! Thanks for the adding my button - love the support! Miss you friend.


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