Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year. New Adventures.

As much as I love showing off the fact that I am a Greenwell, 
I thought my blog deserved 
a new title in celebration of the new year.

I was inspired by this photo we took in Denver. 


The Felds said...

I like! Where was that cool wall? Is that a warehouse or something in Denver? That's super cool and you guys are so cute! I like the new name... it fit's!

P.s. your sweet comment on my recent recipe made me smile ALL over! You actually inspired me to do a testimonials page, which I hope to be adding to the site very, very soon! See your comment there too... it was a fav! Thanks friend - I just love and miss you to pieces - hope all is well :)

Kelly g. said...

LOVE IT!! So fun.


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