Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday thoughts.

I had a bit of a rough day on Friday and cried when I walked in the door to find these purty flowers along with the sweetest note from my honey sitting on the table. He is THE best. 

I am glad it is Sunday. I am glad it is the start of a new week and a new year. I am glad I made a life changing decision yesterday and couldn't be happier with it.

I know this is a little bit late but I am SO excited for 2011 and the changes it will bring!!!

Those are my thoughts today.
.:Happy Sunday:.


Heather said...

Syd! What life changing decision did you make? Sorry you had a hard day.I miss knowing more about your life! Good thing your husband is so sweet. It was good seeing you yesterday :) love and miss you!

Kelly g. said...

Shid!! I love you. You are great, you know that?? So great. I hope you have a fantastic week.... make last friday, wish it never happened!


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