Saturday, April 30, 2011


a tear actually came to my eye when i watched this. pathetic, i know, but i cant help it. 

JULY 15TH. cant wait.
but at the same time i am a little depressed. no more harry potter anticipation after this one. 
July 15-17 is going to be the best weekend of my life for these reasons:
1. harry potter and the deathly hollows part 2. duh.
2. a surprise retreat in a surprise place with kissy.

....speaking of fun retreats...let me update you on my summer plans.
one week until wicked
5 weeks until st. george 
8 weeks until maddi and jake's wedding
11 weeks until the hp7/surprise extravaganza 
13 weeks until the shakespearean festival
14 weeks until girls camp (did i mention i am in the yw's presidency now?)
49 weeks until maui. 
maui is not this summer but i thought i would throw it in there anyhow.

hallelujah for summer. 
hallelujah for life.  

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Sammie Loves said...

Oh my gosh. I almost vomitted watching that. It looks SOOOO good.


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