Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cleaning & Craft time=Good.

 If you know me and Casey you know that we are MESSY. Our house usually looks like a band of gypsies has been running around sabotaging the place. It's a bit ridiculous actually.

I used to think I needed to pick one day out of the week to clean but last week I stumbled across an amazing 30 day clean up list on apartment therapy's website. I printed it out and hung it up on the inside of my pantry door so as to keep it a secret that I use a daily chore list to keep my house clean. I am kind of like 2nd grader but that's ok. I have been following what it says to do on each day and I am now in LOVE with it.

Because I only cleaned for half an hour instead of 15 hours I had an extra minute or two today so I decided to make this out of stuff I had lying around, i.e., random scrapbook paper and mod podge..........

Life is good. 

Love Syd.

1 comment:

Heather said...

Are you being serious? That thing is SO freaking cute! I miss you!!!!!


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