Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Fun+Not So Fun.

This little guy is Gus. He was my family's dog. We had to put him down this weekend. (Not so fun part.)  We will all miss him like crazy. My little brother Keaton is such a sweetheart and wrote a letter to Gus in heaven. My favorite line is, "From Keaton your owner I hope you are having fun in heaven I'll never forget you and don't forget me ok." So so sweet. 

My handsome man. I love him.

On Saturday morning me and Casey woke up and decided it was high time we went out for breakfast. It was amazing. We went to Jeremiah's because it's muy bueno and like six minutes away from our house. Naturally, I ordered a chai tea. They are my favorite. 

I took a pic of the surrounding area because it was SO beautiful. I lurv Utah and will most likely be here forever which is fine with me. 

Wuv Syd. 

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The Felds said...

I'm sorry about your dog :(

How do you get your picts to look "antique" - it's a cool feature that I totally dig!


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