Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bear Lake

 Last week we went to Bear Lake. It is an annual 4th of July tradition with Casey's familia. 
When we got there it was FREEZING and I don't mean the water. 
It was cold then windy then rainy then cold some more. We couldn't endure it for much longer so we planned to leave when 4 o-clock came around so we could make it to my grandmamas early (she lives in Logan so we like to pay her a visit when we are up North). 
As soon as the time reached 3:59 the sun in all it's beautiful warmness came out to greet us. 
Grrrrr (I really did growl). 
Naturally, we ended up staying a bit later and had a B. L. A. S. T. I love me some Bear Lake even if, without fail, 
it is cold and rainy until we are ready to leave every year. 
The sun is such a tease. 

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