Friday, July 1, 2011

spontaneous adventures.

 Sometimes when the husband (shown above) drives neat Jeeps home from work we go for little drives that turn into off-roading extravaganzas in the mountains. 

Sometimes (one time) there are yard sells and we drive back and forth down the street trying to scope out the merchandise while the owners of the house stare us down as if to say, "Don't even think about stopping to buy something at our yard sale." You would think if they were trying to sell all their crap they would wave or something....or maybe they are just not used to a semi-creepy couple driving down their street 17 times over and over again....

On a different note, the beauty of Utah makes my heart go pitter-patter just a little. I take it for granted.....starting NOW I make a goal to take advantage of the pretty things around me aaaaaand to take more pictures of them. Ready, set, GO!

P.S. All these pics were taken with my Iphone. Its incredible what phone cameras can do these days.

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