Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shakespeare Festival Adventure. Part 2.

We stayed in this cute little bed and breakfast. 
There was approximately one bathroom and one mirror for all of us to use BUT it had awesome Asian decor so that totally made up for it. I managed to find that sexy little silk robe hidden in the corner. I doubt I was supposed to wear it but who could pass up a silk Asian robe even if it is just for decoration? Uh...not me. 
Notice the cute little figurines in the window sill. They were my FAVORITE. 

We made some new friends from China. They were adorable. I talked to the tall one in the back and he informed me that "american children are crazy and wild and want to play AAAALL the time." I agreed. 

Love my family.
Love Shakespeare.
Love silk robes.

I can't wait to see Hamlet next year. 

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